Grant + Sarah

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There are certain couples that stick out in my mind for various different reasons...Grant and Sarah are one of them. They had such a genuine sweetness about them that made it a true pleasure to work with them both. Their wedding was relaxing to be at and it was evident that everyone there had an amazing time. The ceremony started at 6:00 therefore we had some unique lighting for the couple shots since the sun was setting. This had to be one of my favorite times at the Cambria Pines Lodge. Best of luck to you both!

Old Edna Engagements....and a cat

Last Friday I met Tim and Angela at Old Edna for their engagements. I love shooting there because it has so much unique character for different shots. We had a great time and the pictures were turning out amazing. We noticed that the whole time there was a cat that followed us around literally everywhere we went. We didn't think much about it until I accidently stepped on it's tail. Naturally I felt HORRIBLE but it seemed fine and continued following us and eventually being in the pictures. I tried a few times to scoot it out of the way without much success. Tim decided to gently pick the cat up and it attacked his hand! As you can guess, from then on we were hesitant to touch the cat and it got it's way in being in many of the pictures. Oh well...memories right?

Ford Wedding

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Shooting at Villa Toscana and working with Mary is always a pleasure. Saturday Lisa and Jim got married on a beautiful day in Paso Robles. Yes, Lisa is beyond beautiful, but it was a joy to watch both of them interact with their guests. You could tell it was a day to celebrate for all...almost everyone got up at one point to dance. One of the best parts was the toast when a group of Lisa's girlfriends stood up to congratulate and "warn" Jim that they will all get along fine as long as he takes care of created some great laughs. What a wedding...what a couple!

Erin + Headshots

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's always great to do something new and different. Erin contacted me about shooting some headshots for her and I had to jump on the offer. She has amazing blue eyes that the camera loves and her personality makes it a joy to work with. My prayer is that these shots help her grab that role she is trying for...

Joel and Emily's Wedding

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Saturday at the Cambria Pines Lodge Joel and Emily got married on an amazing day. They had an early wedding so pictures started before most people get up but everyone was ready to go on time. We used the gardens for most of the shots, but Emily had her eye on another location for pictures of her and Joel. She found this spot with an incredible view of the hills with a unique rock wall. We had a great time there and I couldn't shoot enough pictures with the tall grass. They are an amazing couple with a contagious love for each other. It was fun watching them interact and stare at each other all day long. Blessing to them!


Robert + Nikki

Thursday, May 01, 2008

What a couple! Saturday I had the joy of shooting Robert and Nikki's wedding at Montana de Oro and ceremony at the View aMorro Bay. The day could not have been more perfect from the weather to an amazing couple. I loved watching the two interact and just enjoy the alone time together as we took the couple shots. They both told me that the pictures were their favorite part...naturally I would like to think it was because of me, but I think it was because they loved just being together and of course kissing. Bob with Phase 1 DJ provided the music at the reception and he had this awesome light that lit up the place and gave it a dance club feel. The guest filled the dance floor and all had a great time.

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