Sam + Samantha {Cambria Pines Lodge}

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

There are some couples that are so sweet when they are together and find the camera more comfortable when it's just the two of them...Sam and Samantha were just that. Their wedding was beautiful with a day like no other in Cambria but it was the couple shots that I found myself enjoying the most. They were both very tender with each other and a joy to be around.

David + Dara {Villa de Buena Vista}

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday was an incredible day...David and Dara could not have hoped for more. The ceremony and reception took place at the Villa de Buena Vista in Paso Robles overlooking a breathtaking view of the area. With Catering by Charlie providing a five course meal, endless wines for each course, perfect music by Luna Guitana, and stellar planning by Allure Event Design, the guests and couple had a memborable evening. It was a joy to be a part of David and Dara's wedding and hope you enjoy the show.

MC and Kari {Santa Margarita Ranch}

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Santa Margarita Ranch is always a joy for me to shoot at. With all the unique character the venue offers, I find myself smiling throughout the whole day. Yes, this past Saturday was beyond hot; however, whenever I shoot a couple like MC and Kari, I seem to forget the heat. They were amazing! We just took their engagements last month in downtown San Luis Obispo, so transitioning to the wedding was easy for us all.

One element of their wedding that I loved was the ceremony set up. Kari and MC had unique splashes of detail throughout her entire wedding, but this one was great. They had the chairs set up in a circular pattern so when they walked down the aisle, they passed by every guest as they circled into the center. I have not shot a set up like this one before but it was wonderful...very intimate.

Another detail that I just have to mention was the wedding cake. Apparently Kari's favorite cake is the Funfetti box cake, so MC and Kari had a beauitful three tiered cake with the funfetti mix...amazing! To take it even further, they had a dessert bar with almost every kind of cake that Kari's mother had made. It's things like these that make a wedding memorable in my mind and a blessing for me to attend.

Scott and Melissa {The Cliffs}

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Each wedding has something that will stick out in my mind as I drive away from the reception. With Melissa and Scott's, I will remember how easy they were to work with and an AMAZING first dance. Before the wedding Melissa told me that it was the only thing she was nervous about, however they were incredible. Her cousin (who had a great voice) sang "No One" by Alicia Keys while they performed their dance. The crowd was cheering and everyone had their eyes glued to Scott and Melissa as they danced acrossed the dance floor. I found myself smiling behind the camera with the excitement of being able to capture this memory from their wedding...An amazing couple and a joy to work with!