Andy + Melissa

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...relaxed. It's so refreshing when a wedding is calm and not a stressful event...this is exactly how Andy and Melissa's wedding turned out. We changed last minute the location for the before-ceremony pictures due to the weather and it's turned out great. We were going to a bluff overlooking the ocean but the sun was very patchy so we decided to cruise around downtown Pismo. We found some great venues and walls as we walked around and it turned out to be a great time with the couple. One of my favorite points of the day was when Andy and Melissa had finished taking their couple shots (they saw each other before the ceremony) and we met up with the groomsmen at this local restaurant where they were having a drink. Both Andy and Melissa pulled up a seat to relax and then they walked together down the street to the church to go get married. It seemed to fit their personalities perfectly and it was how they wanted their day to go...smoothly and relaxing.


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