Aaron + Nicole {The Cliff's}

Monday, November 17, 2008

I officially had my last wedding of the season and it could not have gone any better. Aaron and Nicole had an absolutely amazing wedding at the Cliff's at the beginning of November. The weather was flirting with rain all day so the sky was perfect for pictures...it actually started raining right when we finished. As for the couple...wow! It was a true joy to be around them both and see the sheer fun and love they have for each other. Aaron had such a genuine smile all day long and Nicole truly glowed. Luckily for me, Nicole wanted to venture down to the beach and we had the best shots of the day down there. I couldn't have asked for more until we got to the ceremony. I have always wanted to shoot a couple when they were lifted by their guest on a chair...I got it! After the father-daughter dance, every guest joined the dance floor to dance and all of a sudden I was about four feet from Nicole being lifted up and Aaron soon to follow. It was beyond fun to capture their joy (and nerves) as everyone cheered and danced around them. Thank you Aaron and Nicole for the honor of being a part of your wedding. Enjoy the show!!


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