Ryan and Tami {Shell Beach}

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Saturday turned out to be an amazing time with Ryan and Tami! I met them both at the Cliff's and we went down to the beach from there. Instantly I could tell there was a "fun-ness" to them just by the way they interacted and looked at each other...it's hard to explain but very easy to capture with a camera. They were both full of life and willing to have fun with our time. Towards the end, Ryan told me that they both wanted to get in the water to finish our time. I was thrilled! It's not often I get couples willing to get wet and live it up...we had an amazing time and kept some of the Cal Poly students watching entertained. I cannot wait until their wedding in March and know if it's anything like Saturday, it will be a perfect day. Thanks for the fun...and the wet shoes. :)


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