The Perfect Day at Villa Toscana

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's amazing how each wedding is different and how they fit the bride and groom's personality. Travis and Ashley got married Sunday at Villa Toscana and it was evident that they had a great time at their wedding. Since they are from Bakersfield, the 90+ degree temperature didn't phase them.

Ashley had an amazing dress unlike any I have seen this fit her perfectly. She had a look that resembled that of the 1920's bride with her sleek but simple hair style. When Travis saw her for the first time as she walked down the aisle, the tears started streaming down his face. It touched my heart to see a groom cry at his wedding!

The wedding party was a very easy going group that loved being there for Ashley and Travis. They all were ready to party and celebrate with much so, they got in one of Villa Toscana's fountains! (...Bob with Phase 1 Mobile DJ was an assistant on making that happen too...he always does a great job at facilitating a party.)

Oh, I almost forgot...this was the best cake cutting smash I have seen in a long time! The totally went for it (chocolate on the dress and all)!



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